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Thursday, January 15, 2004

Now, at last it’s possible to be free of pain in a natural, drug free way.

Pain Aid Herbal Lotion uses a combination of Aromatherapy and Acupressure to give you natural pain relief.
In some instances, relief is almost instantaneous. Other conditions may need continuing treatment.

Aromatherapy has long been used to provide temporary pain relief and a feeling of well-being. Now, using a combination of natural aromatherapy oils and selected herbs with the ancient science of acupressure, natural pain relief can be a reality.

Pain Aid herbal Lotion has brought natural pain relief to people of all ages and in all physical conditions.

Thelma McMahon of Bouvarde Woods WA said this about the natural pain relief she received from Pain Aid herbal Lotion

In 1969 I sustained a whiplash injury. I had neck pain & headaches until late in the Year 2000 when I found Pain Aid Herbal Lotion. I am now neck pain & headache free and can ride a bicycle & look around when reversing the car.
( signed Thelma McMahon )

This lady can now ride up to 90 kms in 1 day With her over 55 cycling club.

You can have results like this using Pane-Aid Herbal Lotion.

The Chinese have used acupuncture and acupressure for centuries to relieve pain.
Now, with its natural combination of Aromatherapy oils and Acupressure, natural pain relief is within the reach of all, using Pain Aid Herbal Lotion.

Free Acupressure Chart.
With every roll-on applicator of Pain-aid Herbal Lotion, you receive a full color Acupressure chart and a list of appropriate Acupressure points for each ailment.

Order Pain-Aid Herbal Lotion Now

mailto:"painrelief@mattys.com"Email painrelief@mattys.com

To initiate your personal natural pain relief, simply look up the list for the acupressure points and using the roll-on applicator, rub a small amount of Pane-less Acupuncture Lotion on each suggested acupressure point. In many cases, relief comes within 30 seconds.

For longer treatment use Pain Aid herbal lotion every two hours for the first day, then four times a day for the next two days.

Cast Iron Guarantee
If you are not completely satisfied with Pain Aid herbal lotion, simply return the unused portion for a full refund. No questions asked.

Pain Aid herbal Lotion also comes in a 500ml container to use as a massage oil.
Read for yourself what a professional Therapeutic Masseur has to say about the natural pain relief received from Pain Aid Herbal Lotion.

I have been using Pain Aid herbal Lotion for over six months, for my clients & myself. I have found this to be beneficial to all forms of physical ailments. I personally had great success with eradicating my daughter's sea-sickness. A particular benefit I have been pleased with is the use of the lotion in Menstrual Pain. The lotion has been very successful for family, clients & myself. I have also found the massage lotion to be a wonderful product. I find by using the lotion as a base oil, healing occurs on more levels and at a faster rate than any other combinations I have tried in over 12 years of massage. My clients have also been very pleased with the benefits of these marvelous products.

( signed ) Julie Sutherland. Therapeutic Masseur Reiki Master.
Dawesville W.A. 12tb April 2001.

If you want natural pain relief you need Pain Aid herbal Lotion. Either in the roll-on container or as massage oil.


I have used the Pain Aid Herbal Lotion with great effect. By rubbing it in the neck & lower back, I have reduced the symptoms of hay fever to virtually nil. Prior to using this lotion I was having to take antihistamines regularly to stop sneezing and general congestion. After using the lotion I am free of these symptoms and no longer have to take medication.

Paul Mendel Willeton WA May 5 2001.

Order Pain-Aid Herbal Lotion Now

mailto:"painrelief@mattys.com"Email painrelief@mattys.com

Acupressure does not work 100% for everyone. If you find that Pain Aid Herbal Lotion does not work up to your expectations, simply return the unused portion for a full refund with no questions asked.


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